Pupil Council

We have a new Pupil Council for 2017-18

p1 will join us at Christmas but for all other classes we have

P2 Myah and Kai


P3 Freya and Ryan

P4 a Matthew and Avigayil

P4b Jacob and Ellie Kate

P5a Ben and Jake

P5b Kyra and Evan

P6 Amy and Danna

P6/7  Evan and Amy


This year we are looking at – Improving snack

We are a health promoting school and we would really like our snack to reflect this. Many children come with a lot of sweets and chocolate for snack and we would like to think about how we can make more healthy choices. Our idea is for a fruity Friday where everyone brings in fruit for snack on a Friday. Tuck Shop will only sell fruit and anyone taking up a fruit snack will get a house point. We will be writing to parents about this.

Our Uniform

We are reviewing our uniform to see if it matches our ideas and needs. We have had a few suggestions but we would like classes to debate and think about any changes seriously.


We have had a lot of vandalism recently especially in our Nursery play area where we have had many incidences. We do have CCTV and people have been charged for damaging property but we are still left with broken and spoiled things because of their actions. We would like them to stop. We are working with Police to help prevent further problems.