School Staff

Head Teacher

Tristan Walker


Mrs Louise Chisholm
Mrs Gwen Sutherland
Mrs Brenda Taylor (Acting)

Mrs Carol Shortt
Mrs Lesley Graham
Mr Chris Flanagan (on sick leave)

EAL – Iain Brownlee
Speech and Language Therapy – Vacancy
Educational Psychologist – Mrs Paddy MacPherson (every fourth Monday approximately)

Teaching Staff
P1a Mrs Colleen O’Neill
P1b Miss Lara Duthie
P2a Miss Jill Garden/Mrs Philip
P2b Miss Colleen Wood
P3a Mrs Terry Flanagan
P3b Ms Burns and Ms Walters
P3/4 Miss Sophie Hanlon/Mrs Beverly Walker
P4 Mrs Claire Ironside/ Mrs Beverly Walker
P4/5 Mr Lyle Kilbane
P5/6 Mr Alistair Cox
P6 Miss Michelle Hadley/Mrs Morag Sivewright
P6/7 Mrs Elizabeth Schofield
P7 Mr Gordon McKay

Probationer Cover
Mrs Beverley Walker
Mrs Morag Sivewright

Visiting Specialists
PE Vacancy/ Mr Charlie Sivewright
Music Miss Jenny Young
Art Vacancy
ICT Vacancy
MLPS Mrs Teresita Aguirre De Winser

Pupil Support Assistants:
Mrs Irene Hunt Mrs Carmel Simpson
Mrs Lesley Milne Mrs Wendy Milne
Mrs Thelma McCallum Miss Barbara Watt
Mrs Heather Brander Mrs Elaine West
Mrs Dawn Taylor

Office Staff
Mrs Tracy Thomson (School Administrator)
Mrs Jacqueline Mackie (Clerical Receptionist)

Mr George Stewart

Canteen Supervisors

Mrs Kathleen Irvine & Mrs Karen Blanchard

Catering Staff
Grace Robertson
Patricia Masson
Monica Morrison
Sheena Whyte
Theresa Florence

Cleaning Staff
Alexandria Mitchell
Isabella Ewan
Pat Stephen
Brenda Skinner
Helen Johnstone