Vision, Values and Aims



At Macduff Primary School we aspire to actively provide, in partnership with the local community, the most successful learning environment where our children are nurtured to become responsible citizens who can contribute effectively and confidently to our school, life and society.



Achievement for All – We encourage successful learners through high quality learning and teaching practices taking full account of individual needs.  We encourage personal achievement in and out of school and celebrate all successes and achievements including learning through play.

Self Evaluation– We use a range of practices to gather information, to help us understand how well we are doing as a whole-school community and as individual learners.  We use the evaluations to help shape school improvement and next steps for individuals.

Partnerships – We develop partnerships based on trust, mutual respect and confidence in which everyone is treated equally, fairly and with dignity.  Our partnerships with families and the community enables us to secure better outcomes for learners in all areas of the curriculum and nursery. Promoting constructive, practical partnerships involving staff, the children and their families and other professional agencies.


Inclusive – We ensure everyone in the whole school community is valued and seek to hear the voice of everyone. We wrap the curriculum around learners by providing targeted support and removing barriers to learning.


Respect – We ensure that there is an understanding of well-being and that the whole learning community feels safe and secure. We explore diversity and challenge intolerance through our commitment to Rights Respecting Schools. We care for the local and wider environment by learning in and around our local area. To make the best use of all available resources including personnel to provide a safe, welcoming, bright and stimulating environment.

Excellence– We monitor and track children’s progress over time in all curricular areas and stages. Children are empowered in decision making and encouraged to actively participate in the local community.