We are open. Unfortunately we are limited in our capacity and have very strict risk assessments in place. We have had to change our was of working and at the moment we are unable to offer 1140.

Risk Assessment for ELC Macduff Nursery Recovery Aug 20 – 13.8.20

Allergens in Nursery Menus Doc 2020

Nursery Menus 2020 – 2021 PDF

Nursery Menus return from Covid

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Welcome back 14.8.20

We are very pleased to have a newly refurbished Nursery. We have 2 classes per session including the eligible 2s  group. We also work in partnership with Doodlebugs who are on site as a toddlers group. This is a very exciting year as we have been identified as one of the Keys to Success sites for piloting the 1140 expansion of nursery hours. We have made a very good start and we now have many children able to experience 1140 hours with us. We are now working with other schools in the cluster to help them in their journey.

We offer parents extended hours from 8am -6pm and this will eventually be a 50 week provision. We are not currently working holidays but this is due to change in 2021.


Here are some number lines to help you practice rhyme – remember to ask children to identify rhyming words then try to find other words that also rhyme.

1,2, Buckle my shoe

5 currant buns with numbers

5 little firemen

5 little leaves rhyme

Our Nursery improvement plan for this year reflects the school plan very well – our priorities are to – promote leadership at all levels, Raise standards in language in particular writing through Emergent Literacy and interventions to close the gap.