Vision, Values and Aims



For everyone in school to aspire – to reach for the stars!


our shared values are;




We all voted to change our values Class/Pupil Councils, staff and Parent Council then all members of our school community were asked to make choices from list of worthy values we had created. These were our top 3 – from children and staff, community online and parents we all came to the same top 3.


·         To ensure everyone feels valued and included

·         To have resilience and a positive attitude

·         To ensure children reach their potential and have high aspirations

·         To develop the skills for learning life and work

·         To develop positive relationships throughout the school and with the wider community.

Curriculum Rationale

Macduff Primary School is a ‘learning community’ – a place where children, families, professionals and community can learn together. Children in Macduff Primary help to shape the curricular experiences they have within a broad general education. The 7 principles of curriculum design underpin our planning. We ensure that our children are provided with a nurturing experience whilst with us which will enable them to make the most of their learning opportunities. We encourage children to have a positive attitude towards their learning through providing engaging experiences both indoor and outdoor, and out in the wider world. We aim for our children to become; successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Rationale pictures