Macduff School provides education for children aged 2 – 12. Macduff School serves the fishing community of Macduff, population around 4500, and the surrounding rural area. The School roll, at the moment, is 311 and Nursery is 96. Class dynamics for this school session are as follows – P1a, P1b, P2a, P2b, P3a, P3b, P3/4, P4, P4/5, P5/6, P6, P6/7 and P7, and four nursery classes. The school building houses 14 individual classrooms, a computer suite, a well-equipped Library, Art room, ICT Suite, Staffroom, Head Teacher's room and School Office. There is a Gym hall, an Assembly Hall, a Canteen and a newly refurbished pre-school. Community links are a valued part of school life. The school is used for a range of community activities, including after school sports and activity clubs. The School has a very supportive Parent Council and Parents Support Group. These groups support school improvement activities and raise additional funds to provide many extras for the pupils in the school.

Opening Times

Session 1
9:00am - 10:30am

Session 2
P4-7 - 10:50am - 12:20pm

P1-3 - 10:50am -12:35pm

Session 3
P4-7 - 1:00pm - 3.05pm

P1-3 - 1:20pm - 3:05pm

Our Pupils

“Macduff Primary School is one of the best schools in Aberdeenshire.  This school has a very big playground with a big grass area.  It also has a basketball court and a play equipment area.  Apart from that the pupils are very lucky to have pantomimes, school trips and Christmas parties.  Every year the P7’s get to go to London and they go to many exciting tourist attractions in London.  The school staff is great.  The teachers are very kind and supportive and they try their hardest to give the pupils the best education.  There are also specialist teachers to help children who have difficulties.  This is just a little taster of what this amazing school has to bring.” - Mayyee Tang P6/7